Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heretics in Croatia 2

As you know, I'm not English mother tongue, so I have had to use all my effort to be able to substain a 1 hour of ppt presentation of the book in Porec.
But it has worth the effort!
More than 50 people from many different nationalities have been attending, and results have gone bejond expectation.
Having representatives from P.R. of China asking about possibility of a translation to Chinese, and others claiming for a Russian language edition have made us proud of our work. And signing some copies to people that have brought them to Croatia just to get our outhograps on them have made us even more happy.
I have also asked around for the benefits of a Spanish edition, and being the comments very positive, Spanish is now in my list after German, that is finally close to publication.
Comments about the competition? During my presentation, I have had to say something like "Today on the shooting line I have still seen more than 70% of Fast shooters, while of course the Slow sighters have been those winning the majority of the matches..." ...
Heretic Croatia.... !

Friday, May 05, 2006

Heretics in Croatia

The Heretics will be in Croatia for the first leg of the 2006 European Gran Prix and FITA World Cup from May, 8 to May, 14.
Michele will be there with the Italian National Team from for all days, while I will be there from the 10th to the 13th, only. But, they will all be Heretic Days, as I will run there a presentation of my book, introduced by EMAU and FITARCO President Mario Scarzella. Good occasion, with 44 national teams there, to advertise a little bit our work and to collect some comments and, why not , some critics to it.
Hope to meet many of our readers there!