Friday, October 27, 2006

Heretic World and The Archer II

I have released last week the final version the fist article of the series "The Heretic Archer II", titled "The secrets of the cliker".
While a cliker is a quite simple mechanical part, my article went to a full 7 pages including pictures, so the first publisher, the Italian Fitarco official magazine "ARCIERI" has decided to divide it in two parts. Part one will be published on the coming issue nbr. 5/2006 and the second part will be on number 6/2006 in two months from now. Then, in 2006, probably the article "Shooting in the wind" will follow.
English translation of the first article is on the way by my friend Stephen Avis, that has been one of the translator to English of The Heretic Archer, and in a couple of weeks the English version will be forwarded to Archery Focus for publication, but far as other languages are concerned, nothing has been finalized, yet.
I'm just back from one of my business trips to Asia, and I have been able to meet there one dealer of the book in Hong Kong. He told me the book is selling well even there, and this is of course a great satisfaction for me and Michele.
Having recently added to the list of the official delaers also one shop in Australia, I can now say that The Heretic Arcer is sold in all Continents but Africa. But soon .....