Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Heretic Archer strikes again

Michele has gone to the World Field Championships in Goteborg at the end of August with the declared intention to win them. Basically, he wanted a new world title in Field in order to reach the score of his friend and great archer Andrea Parenti, and pass at the same time Jay Barrs total 3 world Field championship titles.
Andrea has won the World Field in 1988, 1994 and 1996, and the World Games in 1997, passing Barrs on the total with 4 to 3 major tiles. Michele had the world titles of 2000 and 2002 and the World Games of 2005, so he also was at 3. He has missed the world title and the podium in 2004 for an incredible series of problems is not worth to tell here, so he wanted his credit back from the luck.
And, friends, this is a real competition, when top archers fight about their personal count of World Titles!.
The list of participants was showig immediately who were going to be his contenders.
First of all, Sebastian Rohrberg, the 2004 champion, an then our friend Vic Wunderle among all.
Vic is Michele's old friend. I hosted him in my home for a week in winter 2001 and he trained with Michele in hour club on the way to the World Indoor champs in Florence.
He is also now a proud owner of a copy of our book, and I feel it was also because of Michele's chapter about Field Archery that Vic has decided to go so strongly in Field, with very good results.
So, for Goteborg we guessed a final match with him or with Sebastian (that is normally using the special tungsten points for ACE Michele is providing to him)
Well, results are now Story.
Michele has shot 350+345, and the 695 total is the top Field score ever made, even if Michele has shot the same score in Italy some few years ago in a local competition. Then he has shot 177+175=352 on the 12+12 marked 8th and 4th of finals, also the top score ever in a marked field round, and finally has won his third World Champion title in Filed.
So, the ranking is now Michele 1st with 4 major world Field titles and one European title, then Parenti with 4 and Barrs with 3. But Andrea Parenti has promised to him to pick up his bow again and to get back for the 2008 champiosnips, so we will see what will happen then.
The Heretic Archer has added in Goteborg another title to his Wold Championships count, going to 9. I hope of course he will increse the count more and more in future, even if this means to make obsolete some few pages of our book .. ;-)