Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How many secrets...

..you can really tell around?
Long time ago, when the majority of the content of The Heretic Archer was still in mine and Michele's minds, we questioned ourselves if it was worth to keep some of the secrets of our shooting technique and of our tuning methods totally hidden to the outside achery world. Our answer was easily no. Not becouse we did not want to keep secrets, but simply becase we evaluated that even telling some of hem around, they were so unusual and different form the traditional thinking that they wer enot going to be trusted at all. So, e wrote several articles about diferent matters we have investigated in our achery life, these articles have been published, discussed and.... forgotten. Until The Heretic Archer has been published.
But even now, that a lot of people owns the book and can read in detail many of our secrets, we are in the same condition. They read it, don't believe it and go on asking for questions already answered in full detail in it.
The book has so many levels of reading and so many logical conclusions can easily be deducted from its chapters, that sometime I think I have exagerated in putting so many infos in it. But readers simply... don't read it deeply enough...So, there are many secrets explained, but not so many understanding them...yet.
Well, some of the most kept of our secrets are anyhow not yet published. And a great part of the story of the Heretic Archer has still to be written.
Will The Heretic Archer II inlude all lacking parts? I don't know, yet.
I'm for instance pushed by Steve Ruis, Archery Focus editor, to write about grips.
It is one of the most difficult matters to transform in a coeherent explanation, and as I have written long time ago on the Sagi board, "so may secrets lay in the grip", I'm very reluctant to face the task. May be, may be that at the end "The Secrets of the grip" will be found in The Heretic Archer II, but is not sure.
How many secrets we can really tell around?..... ;-))