Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Heretic Archer II - work in progress

There will ever be a book titled The Heretic Archer II?
During my presentation in Porec this year I have shortly talked about this possibility. There is alredy a tentative index, there are some few drafts of chapters, there are many ideas still to develop. The Heretic Archer had to come to an end, sometime in July 2005, but a lot of details and arguments have been left ostill open and surely merit to be explored and explained.
Definitely yes, we will have The Heretic Archer II in the shops probably sometime around the end of 2008 or beginning 2009.
In the mean time, just following the path of the first book, but this time fully intentionally, I will publish some of its chapters as independent articles on the various Archery magazines around the world.
The first one to appear will surely be "The Secrets of the Cliker", as it is already ad a good stage of development. May be this article will be divided in two parts, as I'm realizing that this simple piece of metal we all relay to for a good shot can generate thousands of words of explanations and plenty of pictures. In Italy, the FITARCO magazine Arcieri will publish it before the end of this year. Then, probably the English translation will follow on Archery Focus, as My friend Steve Ruis is really pushing to get new "Heretic" material asap.
Then, other planned articles and future chapters of the new book will be:
The Secrets of the Rest
Changing his/her shooting technique
Preventing archery injuries
Coaching for the Team round
Shooting in the Wind
Field archery tricks and tactics
and many others....
But in the mean time, better to read again The Heretic Archer to be prepared to the new heresy....

Monday, August 07, 2006

Der Häretische Bogenschütze 2

Well, at the end, the first week of July become the last week of the same month, but finally Der Häretische Bogenschütze has been printed, packed and sent to the delaers, and some of them are now alreay repeating orders!
One comment received that made me happy and of course our friend Andreas Lorenz even happier is: "The best archery book in German language ever published"...
What to say more, I hope the german archers will all enjoy reading it and I'm waiting for other comments.