Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Understanding the structure of the book - 1

The Heretic Archer is book that has been written in different times and under different conditions, were some chapters are made by articles about different aspects of archery, already published in the past by different magazines in Italy and around the world, while other chapters, namely those of part 4. , have ben written as a full text but over a 10 years period, and other chapters have been intentionally written to complete the various parts of the book in June and July 2005, only.
Considering also that several chapters /articles have ben written by Michele, it is quite normal that the final result could not be made perfectly homogeneous. Therefore, the final decision was to make intentionally all the new chapters under the form of an independent article, that may in future have independent publication on archery magazines.
Then, there was the problem of the updating of the old materials.
If Chapter 6.3, "Field Archery, why?", an article alredy published around the 1999, was quite easy to update (just adding latest Michele's top results in Field), chapter 2.4 has requested for instance a lot of work. "To tell limbs from limbs" is the title used by Archery Focus magazine when the original article was published in the year 2000, and I loved to keep it, nd keep it with the original title. But then, the maximum reference in limbs technology development for that year were the Hoyt FX limbs, while after 5 years things have changed quite a lot. So, there was the need to re-adjust some parts of the original article and specifically to update the comparison table itself to make it more related to today's limbs. But, as Michele did not have anymore the wide availability of different limbs from different manufacturers he had in 1999/2000, we had to choose a different solution: test limbs from one manufacturer, only, but comparing its own different technologies for both different limb structures and different limbs ages.
Michele spent therefore some days in testing all limbs he had available from that specific manufacturer (OK, everybody knows is Win&Win) reaching some times some "unexpected" results, as it happened in the previous test of 5 years before, too. i leave to the readers to understand why ...unexpected.
Updating the original article to make chapter 3.2, How to satbilize your Olympic Bow, was in fact quite easy. But unfortunately, photographs for the article had to be made again, as original pictures used for the article were showing vry old bows. And it was only after the publiction of the Italian edition that one of the first readers asked me "were are the TFC's " mentioned in the chapter?".....Ohhps.... There were a lot of them in the original pictures, none in the new one's .... Well, one of the "misteries" of the book is now revealed.........;-))