Thursday, April 06, 2006

The photo sequencies

As mentioned in the book some of the photos illustrating the 11 points have been "made" to the purpose, but the main sequence of the 11 pictures of Michele's back have been taken "live" during an official competition.
In the reality, the picuters taken have been more than 11, but 11 only have been selected for the book.
Digital camera used has been a 5.1 MPixel Sony Cybershot T7 (yes, the very slim one) that only has a 3x optical zoom, but the result was excellent, for this sequence as well as for others that at the end have not been used for the book.
These pictures have been ocmmented in various ways by readers, were the prevalent comment has been that many of them look the same, and in any case do not give the feeling of the movement.
So, to help to understand them better, I have made a simple animated gif from them, that I have already used for some of my presentations of the book in Italy. You can find it here (please, do not link the gif directly to any other page, it is copyrighted). But if this won't be enough, by December you will get The Heretic Archer DVD, and then all will be much more evident.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Der Häretische Bogenschütze

Our friend Andreas Lorenz has informed me yeserday that he is confident to end the translation from Italian to German language by Easter. As around one month and half is needed from the first draft of the text to the printed book, we have agreed that a good date for the availability of the German Edition "Der Häretische Bogenschütze" is June, 12, 2006. Why? Because June 12 is Andreas' birthday, of course !!
Andreas has been a great archer and missed to participate to 1988 Olympic games not for technical reasons, but for some phisical problems that came out at the last minute. He has been Junior world field champion, and an old frined to me and Michele. Born in the Bolzano province in Italy, he his fully italian-german bilingual an since he married a daughter of Mr. Verner Beiter, he is living in Dauchingen , Germany were he handles sales of Beiter products. He is therefore the most perfect translator for our book .
Anyhow, as a lot of text in the book is quite complicated to express in different languages than the Italian one, he is anyhow insisting to find at least another proof reader to make sure to avoid (the majority of the) mistakes in the printed edition. Any reaader with good knowlege of German language would like to help? Please e-mail me .
Just to conclude the story of the German edition definitely it will have a dark yellow cover. So, the white will go to the Japanese edition, when ready.